1996 Nissan Maxima Q&A

1996 Nissan Maxima Question: cowl vent drain plug..where is it and how do you get to it?

getting a water drainage problem inside the cabin in the front wells..no sunroof.. -
Answer 1
Most likely AC drain pluged. When running AC see if water drips out onto ground. It should! If not then check the drain,see mechanic. -
Comment 1
Ok...what is the location of the a/c drain? -
Comment 2
Did you check to see if water drips from car when running ac? -
Comment 3
yes..water is dripping under the car toward the back of engine compartment. -
Comment 4
Ok that rules out the ac drain. Going to be hard to make another gess. Windshield leak? The cowl drain is under the COWL the plastic piece at the bottom of windshield where the wipers come out. Do you park near say pine trees or the like that may shed and stop up drain? May take flashlight and look through cowl webbing to see.GOOD LUCK. -
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nothing but trees at my house! -
Comment 6
There is no drain plug just a drain path. -
Comment 7
so I will need to remove the cowl and clean everything inside? -
Comment 8
Yes,then run water into cavity to see that it runs out on ground. That's all i know! -