could you tell me how to disable a n alarm on a 1996 toyota caamry? on 1996 Toyota Camry

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after 6 yeras of driving the car, the security alarm, which i didnt even know i had started going off and now the car wont start. the parking lights are also on with the light swith in the off position. thanks
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Is it an aftermarket alarm system.

it says toyota security on a rremote switch on the console red light is staying on no matter what.

i do beleive it is a factory alarm
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Do you have a key fob to lock and unlock the doors remotely, or have you tried to use the key in the door lock to lock and unlock the door.
i have to use a key to unlock the doors. ive never had a remote i didnt even know that there was an active alarm. and i cannot find any type of relay for the alarm and engine kill. took the under dash off on drivers side nothing. looked in the drivers side door. again nothing. i guess ive been looking in the wrong web sites. ill just wait for responses from you thanks
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