could you please answer my questions on 2003 Ford Taurus

i dont need the name of a car repair place can u please answer my questions

by in Waterford, WI on November 09, 2012
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ANSWER by on November 09, 2012
what is your ?
ANSWER by on November 09, 2012
COMMENT by on November 11, 2012
What are the safety regulations regarding gerbil restraints in a ford focus on mondays when there is a full moon? Do they have to be in a rear-facing seat?Is tapioca really that different from wheatina?
COMMENT by on November 11, 2012
The NHTA recommends that gerbils be transported in a wire cage not smaller than one cubic foot per gerbil. It is required that the cage be secured by means of a seat belt or the gerbil will be fined $14 should a Highway Patrol Officer see such violation as per sec. 4345 code 87-8544 of the NHTA statutes. Gerbils could care less if you fed them tapioca or wheatina.
COMMENT by on November 12, 2012
THANK YOU FOR CLEARING THAT UP!!!!....................That WAS good!! thanks for the laugh.
ANSWER by on November 09, 2012
??? you don't need the name of a car DO you want?
ANSWER by on February 27, 2013
No, That would defeat the purpose of the site. Duh.
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