Could you get coolant in your oil pan from a leaking intake manifold gasket? on 2005 Cadillac Escalade EXT

my truck started to miss a little when idling but cleared up when I drove HI way speed but then it started to heat a little so I added coolant and it cooled off when I got home the motor was over full on the dipstick and the motor would not turn over.

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Sounds like the head gasket has gone bad and the coolant is leaking into the oil. Need to have a shop inspect.
Yes, the intake gaskets can because right below the intake is the crankcase!! Do not try to crank the engine, have it towed to a repair shop, antifreeze WILL destory the bearings, hope it has not done so already. Also possible cracked cylinder head on 2001 through 2006 5.3 GM.