Could water in the fuel cause a low level missfire? on 2002 Mercury Cougar

well at around 1500 rpms and at take off my 2002 Cougar with the 2.5L V6 engine missfires and hesitates.I have only 12k on the plugs and coil pack. And I just recently put better wires on it, still have a low rpm miss, and it started happening after I got gas at this one gas station. And at 3 different times the check engine light flashed for about a minute then went off and no codes are stored whatsoever. Can water in the fuel be causing my missfire?

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the codes are stored but you cannot read it with a code reader. could be an injector issue. i suggest a shop to track down the issue and give you a bid. by driving it the way it is with the missfire, you can damage the cat converter to the point of requiring replacement.