could the mass airflow sensor make my motor shut off while driving on 1999 Pontiac Bonneville

does not spit and sputter just shuts off

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Very possible!! Yellow light on in dash? You can easily test this sensor but need to know about the light.
check engine light is on
Take it to Auto Zone/Advance Auto have the codes read for free, then post the code numbers for more info.
the computer said that it was the mass airflow sensor I just want to make sure before spending a hundred and fifty dollars
Start engine, let it warm up. Tap on maf sensor with a screwdriver handle to see if egnine responds AT ALL, if so replace maf sensor, simple!
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yes for sure,it controls air/fuel ratio,to a point.
Are you using a K&N air filter by chance? As they have been known for killing mass airflow sensors on GM vehicles.