Could it be the timing? on 2001 Chevrolet Cavalier

I got caught in a blizzard. I had to stop my car. When I tried to start it again, it made a loud clunking noise, then the car died. Every time I tried to start it, it would make this loud clunk again and would not start. Could it be the timing jumped or timing chain tensioner? Thanks for any help.

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Did you get it stuck and have to do a lot of spinning? Maybe over reving the engine?
We did some spinning, but then we heard the "clunk" and the car died. We tried to restart it, it turned over with a loud clunk again, but did not fire.
Let a mechanic listen to it!
Thanks, but it won't even start so I can get it to a mechanic.
Tow truck! Know a car person that can look at it? 3 engine optinons you did not say which. 2.2-2.2 ECOTEC - 2.4..
May help to know that. Either way you need a mechanic!