Could a faulty EGR valve cause the car to "miss" or "starve" the engine of gas? on 1998 GMC Sonoma

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My truck has been seemingly "missing" or "starving" for about 4 months now. It seems to drive ok then, during acceleration, it seem to "miss" and semi "jerk" the entire vehicle - as though the engine simply isn't getting enough fuel to continue the acceleration process.

Also, the CHECK ENGINE is lighting up on occasion.

I assumed it was either clogged injectors or an old fuel filter so I replaced the filter but before I spent the grand on new injectors I was told about this EGR valve thing. Since this is a MUCH cheaper fix I was intrigued as to the validity of this as a solution.

Any ideas?
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You need to get a computer diagnostic. It will take you closer to the problem and don't have to guess. It might cost you about $100 but could save you a lot more on unnecessary parts and labor.

Ok quick update - called Auto Zone and they no longer do the free CHECK ENGINE LIGHT scan, apparently its a chain-wide "we no longer do" thing? But, the salesman was nice enough to tell me that AAMCO does do the scan for free so I am off to get it checked there.

2 codes came back - P0122 (Throttle Pedal Position sensor A Ckt) & P1626 (Theft Deterrent System Fuel Enable Ckt)

Any idea what these mean?

Also, when I replaced my fuel filter I added a product similar to seafoam to my gas tank - cant recall the name of it - but it claims to do just what you claim seafoam does, which is clean out the injectors and such.

Thus far, I have used about a 1/4 tank of the "treated" gas and it does seem to be a slight bit better, but the problem is still there and has always been intermittent so who knows if it is REALLY doing anything or not at this early stage.