Could 40k timing belt break be delayed result of 15mph front bumper strike? How? on 1997 Nissan Pathfinder

-Sedan hit pathfinder steel front bumper during Uturn. Foot long 1.5" indent ~center. on 10 min visual inspection, Insurance estimator said no frame damage, no engine damage; would not even include alignment in repair estimate.
Several relatively small observations seem to indicate that the engine got shoved back along with the bumper. Subsequent symptoms of belt problems started only AFTER the collision. I am increasingly suspect that they are related Could the collision be the root cause of the premature timing belt failure ? Hos? Data:
Truck has 220k, the timing belt had been replaced twice, most recent w/water pump 40k miles ago; two of the 3 engine belts replaced <15k miles ago.
- radiator attachment plastic hardware pulled back from frame at top center; leak in reservoir.; metal attachments bent ~30deg inward.
-Bent right front tow hook
- air inlet last piece before engine 1/2" longitudinal crack at hose clamp.
-= radiator fan and shroud no longer match up quite right.

- whine started thereafter at right front (which I did not recognize-)
-belt noise began and increased over time;
I was literally going to the garage with three belts in hand when the timing belt broke, damaging the valves.


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Hard to say.
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I doubt they are related. All sounds like maintenance issues.
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