Cost to replace water pump? on 1990 Mercedes-Benz 300E

I have a 1989 Mercedes 300 that needs to have the water pump replaced. The repair shop said I should also have the thermostat replaced at the same time. They gave me an estimate of $795. Is that a good price?

by in Westminster, MD on June 09, 2009
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ANSWER by , June 09, 2009
I see in my labor guide the water pump is about $150 antifreeze another $25, thermostat about $20 and six hours labor to six and a half hours.
ANSWER by , October 18, 2009
waterpump for Mercedes c280
ANSWER by , March 03, 2010
If you include the upper hose and the replacement thermostat plus antifreeze....not outraaegous.
ANSWER by , April 14, 2010
I was told by Meineke I need to have my water pump and timing belt replaced on my 05' Dodge Stratus for $1000.00. Holy crap I was shocked! I didn't even know I had an issue. I took it to get serviced and that day the temp light came on. I asked them about it and they said they would take a look. The outcome is as is above. I don't know what to do. I just dont have that money laying around. Should I shop around for other prices and see what I find? Or is this one right and a decent cost to fix the issue.
ANSWER by , April 15, 2010
thats crazy dude shop around
ANSWER by , April 28, 2010
WOW....$795, I'm in the wrong business!!!! If you can DIY $250. At a shop, around $375-$400. MORE than that and you are getting soaked.
COMMENT by , January 04, 2011
You are driving Mercedes c280, so the "stealer" assume you have all kind of money in your trunk. I would shop around. look around your neighborhood for good repair shop. Mercedes are expensive to fix and not every tech knows what the hell is going on with Europeans cars. Sometimes it might be worth paying that much at certified dealer because a lot of independent shops have no clue about Germans cars. Good luck
ANSWER by , September 07, 2010
No, that's over 475 dollars for repair charges, i installed my own water pump and therm in 4hrs, with just a scocket set and crowbar( for getting tention of Surpbelt back to correct tention. But if you have more money than time ( to repair it yourself ) go fir it
COMMENT by , October 04, 2010
Listen, I do all the work on my own that I can. The water pump on this car, 1989 Mercedes 300 SEL is very labor intensive and of course mechanics get paid by time spent working on the car. If you have time and know what you are doing you can get the whole job jone in one day and spend between $150-200 total in parts(antifreeze, water pump, thermostat & gasket). If you don't have the time or feel comfortable, take it to a mechanic. The answer above quoting 6 to 6.5 hours is on the money for a mechanic. For do it yourself count on 8 to 10 hours if you have ther tools and knowledge.
ANSWER by , March 25, 2011
It is a fair price because first of all it's a German car and they are not cheap to fix,you are not being ripped off my friend.
ANSWER by , January 08, 2015
Just went through this exercise; the estimate of 6 hours or so is fairly reasonable. Place that at your local shop rate , then add parts from vendors you are comfortable with. Consider that, in addition to the pump itself, you would be well advised to also renew the thermostat, serpentine belt, hoses and fan clutch. That last one is somewhat elective and also the priciest piece in the list at almost 200$, TT+L. Very hard to test if it *seems* to be working properly. Good luck and skill -