1996 Chevrolet Lumina APV Q&A

1996 Chevrolet Lumina APV Question: cost to replace the "Low coolant sensor" including the part ball park?

Have a Low coolant light coming on when I first start the car and the coolant level is OK, It turns off after 1/2 hour or so of driving, mechanic tells me it maybe the sensor but does not guaranteed it,tells me cost of changing sensor with part is $150.00, is this about right? Thank you Gonchi2 -
Answer 1
The part is only available from the dealer, call them and see what the retail cost of the part is. My labor guide says .6 hour to replace sensor. -
Comment 1
Thank you for answering, part in my area Atlanta GA is available from Autozone for just under $50.00 so I guess I've been charge about $100.00 for actual labor, when you tell me book shows .6 of an hour labor to change, guess the labor hour rate I've been charge, is at least $150.00 per hour, with today's cost of labor car repair I know I should have gone into that field. Thanks again for your prompt answer. PS. rockautoparts.com has the part for about $37.00 but then of course there's a shipping charge. -
Answer 2
i have the same problem in my lumina-i have changed the sensor 3 times (46.95) in the last 2 yrs.its a easy part to change taking about 5 min. but like your mechanic said changing it may not solve the problem. -