cost to replace the "Low coolant sensor" including the part ball park? on 1996 Chevrolet Lumina APV

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Have a Low coolant light coming on when I first start the car and the coolant level is OK, It turns off after 1/2 hour or so of driving, mechanic tells me it maybe the sensor but does not guaranteed it,tells me cost of changing sensor with part is $150.00, is this about right?
Thank you
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The part is only available from the dealer, call them and see what the retail cost of the part is. My labor guide says .6 hour to replace sensor.
Thank you for answering, part in my area Atlanta GA is available from Autozone for just under $50.00 so I guess I've been charge about $100.00 for actual labor, when you tell me book shows .6 of an hour labor to change, guess the labor hour rate I've been charge, is at least $150.00 per hour, with today's cost of labor car repair I know I should have gone into that field.
Thanks again for your prompt answer.

PS. has the part for about $37.00 but then of course there's a shipping charge.
i have the same problem in my lumina-i have changed the sensor 3 times (46.95) in the last 2 yrs.its a easy part to change taking about 5 min. but like your mechanic said changing it may not solve the problem.