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1997 Nissan Quest Question: Cost to replace motor mount/mounts?

It has an extra kick to it when applying pressure to the peddle too fast. I've also had numerous people tell me it's the motor mounts. Not sure if it's 1 or more, or which one it is. What's the cost for 1 or possibly more, labor and parts? Or even the cost of just a diagnosis? -
Answer 1
i suggest the diag to get an exact issue and a good bid. the diag should be around 20-30 range. Roy -
Answer 2
I agree with Roy have it checked out I have replaced at one time or another each of the engine mounts on a Quest front mount a little more frequently than the rear. -
Answer 3
beware of replacing 1 mount,i replaced front passenger mount twice....well the quest has 4 and i am hearing that all 4 should be replaced together -
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