Cost to replace 2 Brakes, Brake Fluid Flush and 2 Rear Tires on 2005 Jaguar XJ8

At my 50,000 mile service check up the dealer recommended replacing 2 brakes, a brake fluid flush and the replacement of the 2 rear tires.

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Need to know if it is the front brakes, rear brakes or both so I will give you maybe a little too much info, just so you are covered.
Front or Rear Rotor replacement takes 1.8 hours for the front rotors and 1.8 hours for the rears. The Pads will add no additional labor. You do NOT resurface the rotors on these cars.

The parts will cost $125 per rotor ( x 4 for all rotors ) plus each set of pads and wear sensors costs $150 for the front and $140 for the rear.
A brake system flush runs $95 - 100 parts and labor.

Tire cost can be all over the map, But I would recommend factory tires, so they will cost about $200+ per wheel or $400 for 2.
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if this was the first brake replacement and tire replacement, you've done well. fluid should be flushed every couple of years. it is a magnet for water and if allowed to absorb too much from the atmosphere it raises the chances brake fluid will boil under heavy breaking.