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1999 Toyota Corolla Question: Cost to Repair or Replace Engine

Cost to repair or replace engine. I brought car to mechanic, who drained the oil and never but it back. This ruined my engine to the point that I have to put 2Qts of oil every 3 to 4 days. -
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I am sorry to hear you need to replace the engine in your Corolla, there will be engines available in a wrecking yard for your car but you will be getting a second hand engine that may be no better than your own. There is too much liability for most shops fitting second hand engines as once the engine is fitted and running, if the engine is found to be bad who becomes responsible for the labor to replace this engine again. I would suggest putting a rebuilt engine in your car but the price range is so wide between rebuilders that I cannot give you any advice but to call around and get quotes from your local repair shops. Be sure to inquire about what warentee is associated with the engine it develops a problem. Remember the cheapest deal may not always the best deal. -
Answer 2
I CAN SELL U A GOOD ENGINE 423-727-0775 -
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So how much for an engine in a 2001 Corolla? -
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