Cost to repair CHECK STABILITY CONTROL-TRACTION CONTROL warnings on 2005 Buick Terraza

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I own a 2005 Buick Terraza with approximately 170,000 miles driven. On more occasions than not at this point, the CHECK STABILITY CONTROL warning is on. Sometimes it changes to CHECK TRACTION CONTROL. Yesterday, I also notices the ABS light coming on briefing. The ABS may or may not be associated with the STABILITY/TRACTION warning. What is the typical cost to repair each of the STABILITY and TRACTION issues? At 170,000 miles, should my first attempt at repair be to replace the sensors/equipment for both the STABILITY and TRACTION issue or should I attempt one at a time? Is there a cost advantage to doing both?
Otherwise, mechanically, the car is in excellent condition with all brake pads having been replaced by a nation brake/muffler repair chain who I have used as a regular customer with four cars for years.
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