Cost to remove transmission on 2001 Isuzu Trooper

Went to a shop to get a diagnostic done on transmission. Ck engine and Ck trans light were on but I felt no slipping. When I went back the guy said it would $780. When I ask why, seeing as I was quoted $85, He said they did a full diagnostic. One, no one asked if that's what I wanted, two I didn't ask for a full diagnostic, I asked for the computer analysis.I ask the differ, and he says with full diagnostic they take trans out and take it completely apart and check each part. I have never heard of this! I haven't paid yet but trying to figure out what to do. If this is a real thing, what would it normally cost? He is now saying to fix it I need a "new converter, new pump, new valve, and Few kits." Claims the converted is busted and caused everything else to be damaged.

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Best call your consumer afairs office in your state. This is common tactic of tearing car down to force you to either pay a high price to repair or as many folks do just abandon the car. If you did not sign anything authorizing them to take transmission apart it seems to be a dishonest repair shop in my mind. Seek legal advise for the laws in your state.
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u could be looking at upwards of 3000.00 seek a free diag from aamco.if the shop did the diag the deserve there fee
Did you authorize a $85 diagnosis? or a tear-down estimate of $780? If you can prove you signed a work order for only $85, the law will be on YOUR side...however, IF you signed something saying you want a complete diagnosis with a are out of luck...I sincerely hope you did not sign such paper!