Cost to remove and replace aluminum driveshaft on 2001 Ford F-150 Lightning

Heard grinding noise at rear of truck during decelleration

put rear on jacks spun tires noise at differential, I thought bearing(s). Took to dealer he said Driveshaft is the problem and needs replacing.

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What did the dealer quote you? I would be very surprised f they did not mention it. Then call some independent shops that do drive shaft repair. This is a pretty specialized application, being the Lightning is a high performance truck and all.

here are some shops:
Aluminum, R & R $950 , Or go to steel $800. Adviser reccommended steel. Truck comes w/aluminum stock. I'll go with aluminum

I'm concerened that the problem is the Dif bearings or bearing. I heard noise that I thought was rear brake pads. I checked and had plenty of pad and no rotor marks. Put on jacks I heard grinding noise @ differential. Dealer said no driveshaft is the problem.
Take out the driveshaft and spend the wheels.