Cost of servicing?? on 2009 Ford F-150

I own a 2009 ford f150 fx4. I have changed oil and rotated tires on schedule. What detailed service should I be doing at 30.000?(I'm actually at 35.000) How much should I pay at a dealership? How much should I pay going to a mechanic? What do you recommend? I will keep this vehicle a long time.

by in Stockton, CA on February 01, 2011
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ANSWER by on February 01, 2011
Definitely check out the RepairPal Estimator, follow this link; and select the 30,000 Mile Service. You will get an estimated price range, the low end will be close to what an independent shop could charge. The hight end will be likely a dealership price. Use the Directory to find an independet shop or dealership;
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