cost of run flat tires installed on 2006 Honda Odyssey

How much should we pay for replacing run flats on a 2006 Oddyssey Touring?

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you can price the tires on, you will
pay UPS, then you will have to pay someone to install them. or you could price them at a wholesale club, like
Sam's or Costco. much depends on comparing available brands to fit your vehicle. run flats are not cheap
Run flat tires are not readily available. I have found Michelin Pax only at Honda dealers.
You are right about how hard to find run flats. Most tire shop won't sell them. I think one of the biggest reason for this is because most of them gets really noisy within the warranty period. I have seen many vehicle owner who just replace them with good quality tires and either keep a donut spare tire in the trunk or few cans of "Fix a Flat".