2002 Lexus LS430 Q&A

2002 Lexus LS430 Question: cost of repairs for 3 codes appeared on dash

PO440 Evaporative emission system PO446 Evaporative emission system vent control P1566 cruse control mail switch do I have a timing belt or timing chain -
Answer 1
Your car has a timing belt...recommended interval for replacement is 90,000 miles. Cannot give you an estimate of cost of repairs. It should have further pinpoint testing to determine cause of codes. Code retrival is only a first step in a diagnosis. -
Comment 1
Thank You can u recommend a shop other than the Lexus Dealer it is so expense every time I walk into a Lexus Dealer shop everything starts at 500.00 -
Comment 2
Lots of good shops like my own all around. Best to ask around and get recommendations from friends and coworkers about a good shop in the area where you live. -