How much does it cost to fix the throttle position sensors and accelerator pedal positon sensors in my 2004 saturn vue?

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You may only need either the throttle position sensor or pedal position sensor, but not both. This is typically the case. Who diagnosed this code for you and what is the exact code? With this information, I can give you a more precise estimate. Replacing both can be very expensive, like several hundred ( $500-700 ) dollars.

if you need a more precise diagnosis, here are some shops:
Thanks for responding so quickly. The codes that came are from the diagnostics done on my saturn with a mechanic. The codes that came up related to the throttle position sensor and accelerator position sensors,
did you get it confirmed that the throttle body acuator is bad or the pedal sensor?? it is usually one or the other, not both.

did you have a real diag or a free code pull??

anyway the throttle body is about 200 and 1.5 hours on labor.

Michelle, I have the same vehicle you have and I am having the same issues. I am playing guessing game but just purchased an accelerator position pedal sensor and it ran me $92. I'm not sure how much labor would run because I'm not even sure how it is to change out. Still trying to locate where it is under the hood. Hope this helps some