Cost of repair for check engine code 1381 2002 Honda Accord SE. on 2002 Honda Accord

My check engine light goes off and on accompanied by a shudder. It usually occurs after driving on the highway about the time I slow down for the off ramp, but now that it is AC season, it's on every time I use the AC. My mechanic already replaced the cam shaft sensor assembly & crank shaft and put in new ignition wires but that hasn't helped. What else could be wrong and about how much to repair?

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im leaning towards a bad timing belt.a worn out belt will throw a code for the camshaft sensor even tho its fine.timing belts are reasonably priced but the replacement of one is labor intensive and be pretty expensive.
Thanks, Joel. I had all the belts changed at 109,000; the car now has 192,000. The crank shaft and cam shaft sensor assembly were changed at 135,000.