2001 Toyota Camry Q&A

2001 Toyota Camry Question: Cost of parts and labor to replace timing belt and water pump.

What would be a reasonable cost for parts and labor to replace timing belt and water pump? -
Answer 1
http://repairpal.com/estimator?car_type_id=3234 Check the estimator link above. It can really help get you close on price. I believe you can quote one or the other - quote the timing belt first, then quote the water pump and add the parts of the water pump to the quote of the timing belt. -
Answer 2
My Daddy in KY had this done for me at a local shop. They charged less than $200. to change timing belt, replace water pump, replace spark plugs. I thought it was a good deal! My car is 2001 Toy Camry and it's been a GREAT car for me...it just won't pass Tennessee's stupid emissions test (10.00 test) !! bc check engine light will NOT GO OFF. Arghhhhhhh My tag expired LAST AUG. :( -
Answer 3
2005 toyota sequoia timing belt and water pump cost -
Answer 4
I paid $850 tax everything; broke down as ... $99 diagnosed, $99 for antifreeze fluid flush, $200 for timing belt/water pump kit, $375 labor for 5 hours+ tax. -
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