Cost Of Airbag Replacement on 1995 Cadillac DeVille

I Need an estimate on how much it would cost to replace airbags and fix the damaged interior on my car

by in Jacksonville, FL on September 06, 2009
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ANSWER by , September 07, 2009
An estimate for an accident is very hard to provide unless you can see the vehicle. I would try going to a few body shops if possible, then having them provide an estimate, which many will do for free.
ANSWER by , September 25, 2009
New airbags from your local dealer will cost you $711.00 for the driver and $711.00 for the passenger. You will also need to replace the airbag module and the cost on that is $726.00 and the upper dash pad is $792.00. So the grand total is $2940.00 plus labor. However if you go with an OEM used airbag replacement system the driver/passenger and airbag computer, excluding the dash will be $375.00 (total). So new is $2940.00 used is $375.00. Huh, easy choice. For discounted prices on OEM airbag replacement used parts visit
COMMENT by , August 05, 2010
I am looking to get the passenger side airbag replaced. I am located in Suffolk County, NY. I would appreciate an email with someone willing to do it for cheap
ANSWER by , January 27, 2010
If your low on cash you can just get the interior damage fixed. I took my air bags out and sold them for $1,500 to a bodyshop years ago. Just hold on to the wheel if your gonna hit something............