Cost of a Rear Differential repair on 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Grinding noise from rear differential.

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Have the wheel bearings and brakes checked as usually a bad rear differential will howl when driving not grind, you can find a shop here
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What is he general cost for the 3rd member assembly replacement?
What make and model truck? Location? Third member, or differential gear carrier assembly repairs can be pricey and mostly not the problem. Verify, verify, verify the concern to make sure it is the problem before diving into unknown areas of repair. A typical ring and pinion gear set costs around 400 or less, plus axle bearings and seals, lubricants and include everything you need to make it as new. Labor ~$360. You can buy a complete used serviceable unit for <$150.
Make sure you have the carrier bearings checked cause mine was doing the same thing and tore it apart and the carrier bearings were completely out.