cost for parts and labor on 2004 GMC Sierra 2500 HD

I have a cracked flex plate I'm told I might need a flex plate, torque converter and possibly a front pump bearing

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flex plates break for various reasons. if you have a bad thrust bearing in the motor, the crank will travel back and forth breaking the plate in the center.
if the front pump bushing is bad in the trans, the wobbling will do the same, but you would also have a trans fluid leak from the front seal.
you say your told?? does this mean you had it checked or someone told you this without checking it out.

i would get an exact cause before considering the repair.

Roy, I don,t have a trans fluid leak,The shop where the truck is at diagnosed the damadge without tearing it down however I didd see the broken flex plate myself The trans was replaced by a GM dealer about 12k ago because a previous owner had run it low on fluid due to a leak caused by an accident Supposidly all new Does $2300 sound high?
I just put a flex plate in my HD 2500 6.0 Suburban 2001. it started out quiet a few months back and got so loud I thought a rod was going to break loose. 100 dollars w tax at a GM dealer, I borrowed a friends lift and replaced it in 6 hours. BUT there were no Dowel pins to line up the trans, we made a set and installed. I think things were not properly aligned from a possible engine or trans replacement/repair. It was so loud in the end, due to all all the cracks. all around the bolts, and on all but two of the areas where the slots connect. you just need a flex plate, not a converter