cost estimate of replacing front and rear engine mounts on 2001 Honda Accord

also, may not be financially able to do this for a couple of weeks cause of xmas etc. will that present any dangers other than wear and tear associated with movement by the engine?

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Just be very cautious about hard acceleration, stabbing the accelerator for quick movement, etc. This is when most excessive flex occurs and can cause the most issues.
ok, thanks. just realized it was front and side mounts, not rear. not sure if that changes the equation at all. anyone have ballpark idea as to cost estimate? i know what the dealer i called suggested $750 as target. anyone else feel free to chime in. thnx
The location of the mounts doesn't change the situation - just be easy on the accelerator and use care for the short term.

Try some repair shops near you - use the directory link to find some. Top of the RepairPal page, "Directory"...

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You should probably replace all the mounts since two have failed. As long as you take it easy you won't do any more damage then what's already been done. Call for a quote...Happy Holidays
According to autozone, there are 3 motor mounts and 4 trans mounts on my 2000 accord. One shop I went to said thay should all be replaced.
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