Correcting oil leak - cam seals / timming belt water pump on 2005 Volvo S60

Just took my volvo in for diagnosis. Oil is leaking. Tech told me I needed to replace cam seals, timming bel(oil had dripped onto belt) and water filter. Also concerned that PVC control is clogged, may have caused problem. Won't know until seals rae replaced. Does this sound right. Also is it necesary to relace water pump when replacing timing belt? How much should cam seal relacement cost me?

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Yes, it's sounds correct. If the PCV valve (breather control valve) is bad it will create high crank case pressure and oil can leak at the seals.
I'd replace ALL timing components (belt, tensioner, seals) including the water pump.
How's your oil cap's bottom looks like? Is it clean, you can see the shiny metal, or full of carbon/sludge deposit? If yes, there is a big possibility for failed PCV valve too.
These cars - especially turbos- are very sensitive for good quality synthetic oil which replaced at no longer than 5K miles.
The only thing I disagree is with the PCV system check. It can be done before of the repair. They need to use a manometer and check the pressure.

yes,,but change your oil trap...if the pressure dont have anywear to will leak at every seal..its an 4,5 hour job,the part is only 37 /55 dollars..vovlo charge 500/650. good luck
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o yeah..your oil trap is clogged ,,thats why it blew the cam seals..if your going do a belt ,,do everything related, the seal are 200/300 job..but if the tech is doing the belt and pump..he /she ..they should do a lil discount,,,