correct fuses on 1994 Dodge Ram Van B250

need to know if the fuses in the box is the correct fuses

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There are two V8 options your year may not effect fuse positions these are for5.2 Liter engine. Fuse 1 -not used, fuse 2- 20 amp dome light ect..., fuse 3- 20 amp hazard lights, fuse 4-not used, fuse 5- 5amp ABS system, fuse 6- 10amp reverse lights ect..., fuse 7 -30 amp ac blower, ect... fuse 8- 30 amp circuit breaker for power windows, fuse 9- 15 amp cigarette lighter, fuse 10- 20 amp wipers, fuse 11-10 amp radio and clock, fuse 12- 20 amp turn signals, fuse 13- 20 amp horn, fuse 14- 20 amps exterior lights, fuse 15- 20 amp stop lights ect.......fuse 16- 30 amp circuit breaker for door locks, fuse 17- 5amp seat belt warning buzzer and instruments ect....., fuse 18- 2 amp cruise control, fuse 19- 3 amp, illumination for center console ect....