BMW 530i Problem Report

BMW 530i Coolant Leak From Radiator

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It is not uncommon for the radiator to develop a coolant leak. A leaking radiator will require replacement. When a leaking radiator is replaced the entire cooling system should be inspected and if any additional leaks are found they should be repaired also.

Overheating can cause severe engine damage. If the engine begins to overheat it is recommended to stop at the first available location and have your vehicle towed to a repair shop.

Coolant is leaking but I don't know where the leak comes from. I just bought this 2004 530i, with 121,667 miles. -
The radiator or associated top hose sprays radiator fluid from the radiator aft leaving a fine white powdery spray pattern. -
Radiator cracked near upper hose neck. The car has been driven 4000 miles a year and keep garaged. -
Had to get a new radiator. Not happy. Might sell the car. -
mine started leaking, im guessing previous owner was changing the hose on top of radiator, and he broke both of the plastic where the hoses go, and his solution was some sticky material like puddy, I didn't realize that until a month after I bought it when it started leaking anti freeze, to fix it I had to purchase new radiator (about 150$) and the little box where one inserts the anti freeze((about 60$). This was march 2014. -
Thermostat opened permanently, setting off a Check Engine failure code upon inspection. Replaced cooling system, including radiator, WP, thermostat, belts, expansion tank, hoses, etc. due to mileage and desire NOT to come back in a few more miles to perform additional service that would require extra labor to remove radiator and fan assembly to get at failed components. I plan to keep this car for a couple more years, so had this work performed at my indie BMW shop. -
Leak from radiator. -
Replaced radiator -
New radiator -
Radiator leak drivers side -
Radiator leak just after new car warranty expired. Radiator and hoses replaced. Same problem again around 80,000 miles. Radiator had to be replaced again. -
radiator cracked at 100,000 miles -
Radiator cracked, took it to Larry autoworks in Mountain View, CA. BIG MISTAKE! 500.00 later they want to charge me over a thousand dollars for doing a half A** job in the first place. -
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