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2004 Honda Civic Question: cooling fans

my wife came home and said the honda was running hot. If she was moving it cooled off some,but when she stoped it got hot. I could not find any leaks,and the levels are fine. The cooling fans are not coming on when the car is hot,but if you turn on the inside heater fan control both fans run,when you turn the heater blower off both fans turn off. -
Answer 1
The air moving across the rad is cooling it when driven. Highway speed would give best cooling but in town will likely cause overheat. The defrost mode will turn on the a/c compressor to cycle to remove moisture from inside air. That is why fans come on. You have a thermal fan switch that has failed. Use this link for help in repair. http://bit.ly/autozone_repair_info. -
Answer 2
There is a relay and temperature sensor involved for this system - you need to determine if there is an issue here, or from the engine processor not making the command to turn on the fan. A good diagnostic test is in order. -
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