Cooling Fan Runs All The Time on 2005 Lincoln LS

Hi, soon after starting my Lincoln LS Sport the cooling fan runs at high speed and is loud. I replaced the cooling fan as I thought that might be the problem. But the fan still runs at full speed and is loud and very noisey. The temp is the half point on the gauge. I am not rich and I was hoping you might have heard about this from some one else, so I might have a better idea on where to look next. Thanks, Bob

by in Lake Havasu City, AZ on May 26, 2011
3 answers
ANSWER by on June 07, 2011
There's probably a relay or maybe 2 relays controlling the fans. If the relays are stuck on, the fans could possibly run with the ignition switched off. there could also be a problem with the control system. This kind of thing is common enough, it's not unique to Lincolns so use your logic and diagnose the system using a meter or take it to a Lincoln specialist and get a diagnosis and estimate. If you want to find a Lincoln specialist, here's our directory link for you:
ANSWER by on July 09, 2011
sounds like the temp control for the radiator is bad......Phil
ANSWER by on July 24, 2011
Change the thermostat had the same issue with my 06
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