Cooling Fan problem on 2005 Mazda Mazda6

i have noticed for the last week or so that the cooling fan runs well after the iginition is turned off i was told there may be a problem with the ect sensor. however i am having a hard time locating. one know where it is located and how to remove and replace

by in Pittsburgh, PA on January 21, 2012
0 answers
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The engine may overheat due to erratic engine cooling fan operation as a result of a faulty cooling fan control module. Replacement of the fan control module would be necessary to correct this cond...
cooling fan stop working what can i do
the radiator fan is always running even with a cool engine.
The car overheated, check engine light was on, Code P0126 (Coolant Temp insufficient stable operation) was set twice, and Code P0128 (Coolant Temp below regulating Temp) was set. Any ideas as to t...

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