cooling fan not coming on on 1992 Saturn SL1

my cooling fan will not come on i have replaced the temperature sensor and the two wire harness and the cooling fan itself i have also checked all fuses and relays what do i do next?

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the cooling sensor at the cylinder head has 3 wires. it is common for the connector to become corroded and not allow the fans to operate. this is the engine cooling sensor and fan sensor working as one sensor. examine it closely.
also, check the thermostat for proper operation. one that is stuck open will cause fan issues.

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There a fuse under the hood located by battery. When open it you'll see on one side a row of Green 30 amp fuses (#6 is your Cool Fan) check it, if it is bad change it and on the end you'll Black Relays. Check the one for Cool Fan. Since all 4 Black Relays are same, then you can like I did, switch the Horn with the Cool Fan. Now start your and let it run for a few then you should hear the fan kick on. After you turn the car back off your fan should run a minute then kick off once it cools. Good luck