cooling fan on 1992 Saturn SL2

my cooling fan will not come on if wired to the battery it runs i changed temp sensor thermostatand relay checked the fuse and looked for corrosionwhat am i missing thanks

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you should check on replacing either the fan, or the fan motor, or both. I had the same problem and it was fixed by relacing the motor which was 20 bucks at autozone.
First step I check a/c electrical power,

turn on vehicle ignition switch to run then turn on fan switch to low

Push A/C key in then push Inside air circle key in, watch both light turn on but fan motor still not running (Not a fuse problem),

Next step check fan motor wire voltage disconnect wire use voltage meter measure read DC 12v then I knew fan motor was BAD.

I went to Oreilly auto parts whole package (fan blade + fan motor all together) Less than $50.