Coolant system trouble on 1999 Dodge Grand Caravan

Coolant leaks aruond radiator cap,tempature gauge stays at normal but coolant starts squirting out around cap instead of going into recovery tank.I have tried relacing the cap a couple of times but it doesnt help.Also it just does this during city driving but not on the highway.does anyone have a suggestion?

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Replace the radiator.
Thanks,but i was wondering what is happening withn the radiator,is it clogged? or something?
Sounds to me like the fill neck is cracked just below the cap! IF IT IS THE RIGHT CAP?
I got both the caps at autozone they do make there share of mistakes ,I will inspect the throat of the radiator more closely. Thanks for the help.
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Have you checked to see if the radiator cooling fan is coming on when at stops and city driving? Sounds like too much pressure is building up thus the cap vents it as its supposed to do.
Thanks i guess you mean head gasket?
Sure a headgasket could be the problem except you say it does ok at highway speeds...that puzzles me. Could there just be a problem with the neck of the radiator that the cap does not seal well? IS the cooling fan working? did not say. Cooling fan is not a factor at highway speeds due to the added air flow when moving.
Have you checked for a restriction between the radiator and the recovery tank? If cooling system sealant has been used in the system, a little of it may have made its way out and into the tube. Most of this stuff is designed to harden the instant it contacts atmosphere. (this will only happen after the substance has been in solution with antifreeze.) Try taking the tube off of the radiator outlet then see if you can blow air through it to the recovery tank
Thanks i will try this do you know of anything else?
Can you tell me the pressure rating on the cap? It is possible, if the engine has overheated due to low coolant level, that the cap relief valve released enough heated steam to melt the sealing surface of the radiator.