coolant relay? on 1997 Ford Taurus

I'm trying to locate the coolant fan relays. Getting alot of overflow pressure out of expansion tank, whilst the gauge seem in normal range but when I cycle the A/C or the defroster at least one of the fans should go on. I also don't seem to have substancial pressure by the waterpump hose nor believe it to be that or thermostat as of yet. I dont see any bleed valves to get air out of system. No white smoke out of exaust or water in oil. I'm just hoping it's not the beginnings of head gasket because this kid beats on this car like no tomorrow. It's the yamaha engine and that makes him think that because he races MX he thinks that he can do the same to the car!

by in Franklin Square, NY on November 19, 2010
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ANSWER by on November 19, 2010
There is a multi-relay pack that is near the top of the radiator, underneath a plastic shroud, often with the Emissions label decal on top of it. This multi-relay pack houses the fan relay, the EEC and Fuel pump relay etc. It is a black box with a multi-wire connector.
COMMENT by on November 26, 2010
Thanks for the help on the taurus SHO fan relay. It turns out they were both good and will be monitering the system as to I think it was the true beginigs of a head gasket problem, so for now I threw in some K&N sealer an know I'll drain and refill 50/50 coolant. so far so good and the way the kid abuses the car I can't wait untill the time is up on it. Thanks & Happy Holidays, Joeyoshow
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