coolant lose on 1998 Chevrolet 1500 Pickup

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coolant has to be added from time to time. Possible intake manifold leak. Is this a common prom bale and what is involved in repair
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All most all V style engines that have coolant flowing through part of the intake manifold will develop a leak at one time or another. The repair includes removing the intake manifold and replacing the gasket. The thermostat is often changed at this time and any coolant hoses that are sowing signs of age should be replaced. When the intake manifold is removed some coolant will be lost into the engine crankcase therefore the last thing to do before starting the engine after an intake reseal is to change the engine oil.
I replaced my intake gaskets a few weeks ago, which never helped. I have replaced my thermostat and temperature guage three times each. But now i have the feeling its a head gasket, the coolant leaks off into the motor. and instead of white smoke coming out of the exhaust its just droplets of water from time to time. good luck.
If you don't see coolant puddles on the ground or on/around the motor, try replacing the H vac connector. It's located on the front passenger side of the engine intake. A quick connect coolant hose clicks into it. When these leak, it is minimal and burns off the manifold leaving no visible signs and it's never enough to cause an odor.