coolant light on, car overheating on 1992 Volkswagen Cabriolet

on warm days coolant light has been flashing and car dies when idling. just looked at coolant level, it's below min. does this need to go in to be serviced or can i just add more coolant? what kind?

you can add more coolant as a temp fix, but odviously it is going some where. Have you checked to seee if you are leaving a puddle anywhere. Turn on your heat and turn to defrost and see if you smell antifreeze. Pull your oil dipstick and make sure you dont have a white frothy goo on your dipstick. I would fill the radiator and resiovor and keep an eye on it to see how fast it leaks down. carry a jug of water with you and never pull radiator cap when engine is hot
bought the car this summer after it had been sitting on the lot for a season. didn't notice the level then, but haven't seen puddles, goo, or smelled anything funny. thanks for the response.