2004 BMW 325Ci Q&A

2004 BMW 325Ci Question: Coolant Light On

My coolant light is coming on when I first start the car and then it goes off after the car warms up a little. I bought some coolant at Advanced Auto Parts but have no clue where the overflow access is for the coolant fluid. Can anyone help guide me in the right direction? -
Answer 1
You should be able to add coolant into the radiator. There is an easily accessible cap. If you are still having problems, I would strongly recommend visiting a BMW shop. You don't want to mess around with cooling system problems on a BMW, as if problems exist or persist, you could create massively expensive repairs. -
Answer 2
You might also check the lower coolent temp sensor. I had the same problem and kept adding coolent while looking for the leak. The gasket on the sensor goes bad and it just drips a little at a time till it gets hot then stops. Its only 23 bucks and took 5 min to change -
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i filled up the coolant but my coolant light stays on almost all the time it once in awhile will go off but usually will stay on what should i do?