coolant light, gears! on 1993 Volkswagen EuroVan

it has a 2.5 engine standard trans and the coolant light flashes. the coolant is ok, and i have replaced the resovior. where should i go next? anyone know? and do i have to worry about my reverse gear going up? help!

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I would check the coolant level sensor, i would also have the car diagnose to see if it tells you exactly what the problem is but most likely is the coolant level sensor
i believe the coolant level is in the resovior, thats what vw parts told me. the fan seems to work well, and the gauge moves. the temp gauge has always moved funny though. maybe the sensor for the gauge is faulty? where is that one there is like 5 sensors.
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I had the same problem and took it to Karmakanix in Berkeley. It turned out to be bad solder joints on the back of the instrument cluster. Someone else I know with the same vehicle had the problem and resolved it the same way. It wasn't expensive and Karmakanix was very good. I had other instrument "issues' related to the solder joints, some of which came back after a back country drive. Karmakanix called to see how the repair went and touched up the solder joints again for free. Second time was a charm.