1994 Oldsmobile 98 Q&A

1994 Oldsmobile 98 Question: Coolant Light

I have made sure there is no air in the hose. The radiator and coolant tank fluid is where it is suppose to be. I have no wiring harness in front of the intake manifold. The low coolant light still comes on. Is there any thing that I can do. -
Answer 1
Hi, sorry to see you didn't get any help with this, did you find a solution? Is there a sensor in the reservoir? -
Comment 1
I didn't see a sensor in the reservoir. The sensor that I bought and was connected to the radiator. -
Comment 2
Did the light go out after replacing the sensor? -
Comment 3
No the light keeps coming on soon after you start up the car. -
Comment 4
I've looked at the little info I have on this vehicle and I don't have the wiring schematic for the coolant level light. Without that, I can't do much, do you have a wiring diagram for the car? -
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...ed the hose before you know all the air is out. We did this quite few times Sunday and the Low Coolant Light still comes on.
I had a problem with my coolant leaking.Corrected that problem but the Low Coolant light still comes on after the car is started and runs for a minute. What else needs to be done.
My car is leaking coolant. Some of it stays in but some of it leaks out onto the ground as I am pouring it in. Is it the intake manifolds or head gaskets that need to be replaced?
Where is the Coolant Sensor located we have tried taking the air out.
What is the wiring harness and where is the intake manifold. I know this sounds stupid but I am just learning this car. I have not had it long.