1998 BMW 323i Q&A

1998 BMW 323i Question: coolant leaks in to one cylinder through head gasket. A small leak, add coolant.

can this be repaired without replacing head gasket and retooling one cylinder? Value of car seems to be close to cost of replacing gasket. Is their a effective and less costly fix? -
Answer 1
Check out a product called Blue Devil. That is all i can tell you about it. I just looked and youtube has a couple videos on this Blue Devil, one says it's junk, the other says best stuff ever! You decide. Of course you know what a mechanic is going to tell you to do, as we have never seen "miracle in a can"! I can't say one way or the other. However i do understand your predicament! -
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Thanks for your reply. Amazing the car is worth so little when its in mint condition except for the small coolant leaking . -
Comment 2
I agree! These European cars are sharp rides i admit that but when it comes to the cost of repairs and durability, i think they are way overrated! -