Ford Explorer Sport Trac Problem Report

Ford Explorer Sport Trac Coolant Leak/Overheating Due to Radiator Leak

(19 reports)

A coolant leak may develop from the radiator. Ford has released and updated radiator and powertrain control module (PCM) software update to address this issue. The software update includes revised cooling fan operating parameters. Failure to complete both service procedures may result in repeated radiator failures.

2007 sport trac temp gage light goes on, truck slows down, transmission does not change gear and sounds like the fan is running loudly.The truck does not want to speed up when this happens. I park to the side of the road and let it sit for a few seconds and it will go back to normal. Has happened every morning for two weeks. Changed Thermostat but no change so far. Also leaking power steering fluid from somewhere but cannot find the reason. Everything is clean and nothing looks torn. -
The plastic housing cracked, had to have it replaced. -
Exact same problem as stated by Rookie. Sound like the engine is running really loud and started overheating by leaking fluid from the radiator cover next to lower radiator hose connector and side cover. -
Radiator began to leak. Replaced radiator -
radiator leak (third one in 2.5 years), had it "reprogrammed" but it happened again. Does it need to be "reprogrammed" again?????? -
My truck just died on me, would crank but not turn over, no alerts to truck overheating, mechanic tells me it looks like it has been run hot! I service my truck religiously! -
rad leak pass side bottom. repalced rad but tranny cooler lines won't release FORD POS! -
Wont hold antifreeze -
Replaced radiator recently. Truck runs rough, lacks power, and gets hot. -
I had to buy a new radiator -
Engine running loud losing fluid from radiator transmission rough loud squealing from engine -
Same overheating and radiator leak problems reported by others. I have already gone thru 4 radiators in this truck and it only has 65,000 miles: the original factory-installed radiator, plus three replacements over time (all of which I had to pay). It seems that the radiators only hold up for ~ 15,000 miles. The cooling system on this truck is a BUST! Signed, Overheated! -
Radiator leak causing overheating. I thought it was leaking from lower hose and replaced hose. Antifreeze now streaming into bucket under loer hose outlet. It looks like the leak is hidden by the plaastic sid cover. -
loss of antifreeze due to small leak in radiator side facing engine. Fixed by using small amount of liquid copper. -
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