Coolant leaking somewhere around thermostat housing or intake. on 2003 Ford Explorer Sport Trac

Can see coolant leaking from what looks to be left of thermostat housing. Have check engine light and rough idle after engine warms up. Sometimes dies at idle. I was just going to replace thermostat when i saw the coolant coming from described area. Stopped until i find what other problems could potentially be. I have to use daily and was wondering if this a diy project in one day or extended expensive repair.

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What engine?
Sorry, it's the 4.0l and now am pretty sure that its the thermostat housiing and
Will replace complete unit. Hopefully that will solve that problem. Any other tips
Will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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if this is a 4.ol they have plastic thermostst housing and they crack always. if you repl the therm comes as a whole assm when you buy it good luck
It is the 4.0l and i will replace complete unit. Was given some bad info and incorrect thermostat and told that housing doesnt exist
by local parts distributor of national parts chain beginning with letter "N---. Not the first time I've
rcvd bad info from them concerning ford products. Appreciate the help anr any other helpful tips. Thanks.
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