Ford Fusion Problem Report

Ford Fusion Coolant Leakage from Heater Core, Possible Leakage onto Passenger Side Foot Well

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Electrolysis can cause repeated failures of the heater core and radiator. The diagnosing technician should check for voltage present in the coolant, with the battery disconnected, because electrical current in the coolant causes electrolysis. Corroded or deteriorated parts should be replaced, and the coolant should be flushed. Ground straps can be added to help prevent future corrosion of components.

The ac condenser has began leaking and all freon has leaked out. The car has had no front end damage or any reason for this to have occurred. I am very disappointed in the issue as the cost is 150.00 to replace it. I bought this car with only 9 miles on if in June of 2012. I believe Ford should be responsible to repair this issue. Sincerely Anna -
water leaks on front passenger side when AC is running. -
Coolant leakage from heater core on passanger side -
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