Coolant leak on left passenger side under coolant tank on 1999 Buick Century

I have a 1999 buick century that is leaking coolant on the passenger side just under the coolant tank. I change rhe tank but its still leaking. I check the hoses leading from the tank to the radiator but no leak. The leak is only under the coolant tank area. Does anyone know what it is

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I am fairly sure the recovery tank and the water pump both are on the RIGHT,, passenger side! If it's the pump it will have coolant sprayed on the radiator, firewall and under hood on this 3.1 engine. If it is the pump it is about as eady to change as any will ever be. If you have any wrench turning skills you can do it! Maybe get a buddy to help. It aint bad at all.
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Try to do a coolant system pressure test and lift the tank in a manner to be able to observe the area of the leak.
How do i do that? Im not a mechanic, do i take ot to one to see?, mechanics here charge so much just to look and all give different. Reason ot does this
Unless you can rent/buy one at a parts store, it would be helpful. Where is here, it shows Ks.
Horn lake, ms
Just a stupid question, but it didn't freeze the tank did it. Just had one the other day that did so it's fresh on my mind.
No, i looked. I think it might be the water pump.
Water pump is easy, take belt off, a few bolts, clean & reseal, refill.