Land Rover Freelander Problem Report

Land Rover Freelander Coolant Leak From Thermostat Housing

(14 reports)

The thermostat housing can leak causing a low coolant condition and you may also notice a sweet burning smell.

engine steaming out the coolant, smeeling sweet, not good -
Well I am about to attempt to fix it. Its the only transportation I have so Bonzaii!!!!!! -
samething had to change the pump -
at first i foud the lack of anti-freeze liquid for monthes,i had to refill weekly.then I went to service .I had to have it replaced. -
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had leak and it was traced to this cause. The housing plus other parts needed to be replaced....
oil leaking down front of motor into spark plug tubes and exhaust
Thermostat housing separated after two weeks of adding coolant to reservoir.
collant leaking into the passenger compartment. and windows fogging up
My landrover started to overheat and the fluids were leaking. After investigation it seemed the...

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