Nissan Quest Problem Report

Nissan Quest Coolant Leak From Plug Behind Timing Cover

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A coolant leak may develop from a plug on the front of the rear cylinder head, behind the timing cover.

leak behind timng cover but not water pump..... not fixed yet -
My quest has a gas smerll coming in the vents, the first thing in the mprning. It also won^t start. The lights. radio all the rest works, The right side sliding door, slides shits by it self smashed a fingere twice. the magnect latch went through her finger. I have a coollant leak.also.. -
engine making noise while driving -
When I drive the nissan for a long distant and when I come to my destination the car makes a sound like the radiator fan just turns on and has to cool off the radiator even when the radiator has coolant in it. There are no leaks in the radiator or plastic container to put the coolant & water. -
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