Coolant leak coming from coolant bypass tube/water pump inlet housing on 1991 Mazda Protege

Coolant leak on '91 DOHC Protege coming from the seal between coolant bypass tube and the water inlet housing that attaches to the water pump. There's no clamp; only a rubber seal that fits over the end of the bypass tube.

The seal is very loose on the bypass tube, and is also too large to fit inside the inlet housing - is this supposed to be a "presses against the end of the housing" fit, or is the seal supposed to allow the bypass tube to slide into the housing?

Alternatively to replacing that seal, I'm wondering if I should just get a short piece of hose and clamp it over the connection.

Anyone with knowledge of this issue?

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Replace the original style seal with a new original style seal. Do not modify it. Likely the flange needs to be replaced also
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